DIY presents for your rabbit:

If your like me then you probably love your rabbit to the moon and back a million times! This usually results in you buying tones of gifts for them. I’ve been checking out some pet stores and have found that pet toys can be pretty expensive so why not make your very own rabbit toys. You could even turn them into gifts for friends and family members that also have bunnies.

Toilet roll toy:

1)Get the cardboard inside from a used up toilet roll.

2)Put some of your rabbits favourite treats in the middle of the tube.

3)Wedge some hay into the tube as well.

4)Now watch in pleasure as your bunny tugs at the hay to get to their treats.

Bunny house:

1)Get 2 old cardboard boxes

2)use one to make the roof and then Sellotape that roof to the top of the other box.

3)decorate your house but be careful of what you are using is bunny friendly.

4)now you can give your bunny their very own house!

I hope you will get a chance to make these toys and I’m sorry I only got to share two of them and if you would like to see more in upcoming posts then just comment and I will make sure to get writing. See next week. BYE.


A Bunny’s lifestyle:

A bunny’s life is made up of lots of different stages just like most animal and all humans. Today I will be showing you all of these stages and don’t worry, I put them in order for you. So here is ‘a bunnies lifestyle’.

-First of all, a rabbit starts its life as a helpless, adorable baby(which is called a kit) and with-in only 4-5 weeks thy are able to be self sufficient and pretty much fend for themselves

-Within two to three months, the rabbit will be able to breed(so if you have a pet rabbit then that is the time to get them neutered) and will leave, or already have left, their burrows to make their own.

-most breeds of female rabbit will give birth in their burrow and pretty much ignore their young apart from feeding them daily for only a few minutes at a time!

Well that’s pretty much it. But as I always say, if you have any more questions or an idea for another topic that I could cover next week then please do ask I hope you learnt something new today see you next week, BYE!!!


Why does my rabbit do that: Why does my rabbit rub me with its chin?

If you or any one else you know has a rabbit with this habit, then you have come to the right place. Recently, my rabbits (storm especially) have been rubbing my fingers and legs quite a lot, so I decided to do some research on: what it is, why they do it and how it relates to life in the wild. So with that all being said, I give you Why does your rabbit rub you with its chin.

What is it?

First of all don’t worry, it means your rabbit loves you and wants you to its self. They do this because underneath their chins rabbits have scent glands so all they are doing is scenting you. If your rabbit has ever shown signs of rubbing you then take it as a complement, it means they appreciate your love for them!

How does it relate to life in the wild?

If you thought rabbits only scent things that they love then think again! In fact, they use this to mark their territory. Male rabbits especially do this because then other rabbits will know to go somewhere else. Basically, your bunny just doesn’t want any unknown rabbits coming near you, again see it as a complement.


I hope you found out why your rabbit rubs you and as I always say, if you have any more questions then please feel free to ask. If you have a suggestion for a subject in the next ‘why does my rabbit do that’ then please tell me in the comments. Until next time, GOODBYE!!

How to tell if my Rabbit is ill or hurt

It’s every pet owners job to look after and care for their little companion but sometimes, it’s really hard to tell if they’re in pain, rabbits especially . I’ve done some research and discovered some truly fascinating facts that I know will blow you away too! With that all being said lets get right on with how to tell if my Rabbit is ill or hurt.


-One of the most important thing to look for if you are concerned is how much their eating and drinking. whether its lower or higher it can still mean trouble. If your rabbit is eating less, then I would recommend going to the vets and see what they say.

-If they are sneezing or coughing then this may be a problem because did you know that rabbits are only able to breath though their noses so this can become quite serious.

-If your rabbits eyes are darting either up and down or side-to-side then it could be due to ‘secondary eye trauma’ which is a build-up of bacteria or parasite infection. Don’t worry though, this is very rare.

– matted fur is also a problem especially if there are a few bald patches in there too. Here’s what you can do to groom your rabbit: -use a soft brush to gently brush your rabbits fur. For more info, just search ‘ rabbit grooming’ online and it will come up with quite a few suggestions.

Well I am afraid that is it for today but if you have any questions that I have not answered, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments down below. As I always say, if you have a certain topic that you want me to answer then, like I said before, please ask in the comments down below. Until next time, BYE!!!IMG_2497

What is toxic to Rabbits?


Now I know this is a question asked by millions of people worldwide and of course the reason for this is clear, we always want the best for our little fluffy companions! Unfortunately, poisonous plants and foods can lead to life threatening illness or even death. Luckily for you, I have uncovered a lot (and I mean a lot)of poisonous and toxic plants that you are by no means allowed to feed your rabbit. Without further ado, what is poisonous to Rabbits?


-OK, lets start with one of the most unexpected ones. Believe it or not, Rabbits cannot have the seeds inside an apple! If your rabbits are like mine they love apple. You must be careful of crab apples especially.

-Snowdrops, blue-bells, daffodils, crocuses and anything bulb grown is also dangerous

-Time for an obvious one.DO NOT FEED YOUR RABBITS HUMAN FOOD apart from of course vegetables!

-Here’s some of the most dangerous foods for them: Poppies, Ragwort, foxglove and hemlock. That’s just a few!


I hope my toxic list will help you and your fluff ball live a long, healthy life together. See you next time bye bye!

Buying your rabbit:


as a to be owner it’s going to be hard finding a place that can give you a bunny of your dreams but luckily, I’ve come up with a easy step by step guide of what to think about when buying your rabbit.

I also wrote about were to find the bunny in your local area.


1)think then look: this is important especially if you’re a child. You need to discuss it with your family and make sure everyone agrees. Then (if they agree)you need to think about the following

-do I have enough time to look after it?

-will I make sure to clean it out and feed it when it needs to be?

-do I or my family have enough money to buy it a cage a bottle ext.(for more information on that go to 5 must haves for owning a rabbit)


2)check the neighbourhood or local breeders: most of us make the mistake of heading straight to the pet store. Ask if any friends have some baby rabbits for adoption but if not I would recommend a local breeder.


3)check their gender: as you probably already know, two rabbits are best. Never try to get two males because they will fight. Two females work well but male and female are the best. I would recommended both getting neutered unless you want millions of baby rabbits everywhere!


I hope my tips will come in handy when buying your rabbit. If you still have a few questions then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section down below. Until next time. Bye bye!



Why does my rabbit do that: why does my rabbit hide?

Rabbits, as well as most animals, are tough to understand at the best of times let alone when their scared. So today, I’ll be telling you ‘why does your rabbit hide.’


-Because they’re prey animals rabbits will want to hide when they feel enclosed or endangered. Here’s a few ways to prevent you little fur-ball from this situation:


1)let your bunny come to you: this method is amazing for first time owners because it allows the bunny to get to know you slowly but properly instead of forcing it upon them. Well It certainly worked for me!

2)never cowed your bunny in a corner: this is a defiant must not because although they like to feel protected, they never want to feel like there

3)don’t pick them up too much: Like I said rabbits are prey and feel safer and happier on the ground so avoid picking them up more than they need to be. If you do pick them up regularly be careful because they can get extremely aggressive


I hope I have answered some of your questions but if not then please comment down below with one of your questions and you might just be featured in my next post of ‘why does my rabbit do that?’.IMG_1989